Weird things happen

By: iamgodhere | Date: 23.04.2013 | Categories: Uncategorized

I was jogging at night, trying to make sense out of all the things in my head. I was trying to find reason and perspective while trying to run and meditate. After a few miles of running and feeling the burden of the flesh wear in my feet, knees, back, lungs, stinging my eyes. I peer into the road ahead to navigate the hard earth ahead and ease the curves of the earth and trying to sink into the future ahead. I ponder my fate and the reason I humble myself, down to the mere fact of a rooting animal. One of billions, stirring silently in the night. A whisper in the winds of time. In my silence I look into the mirror and seek patterns and signs.

While running and thinking about the road ahead, I thought deeply about how much I liked to find coins. I was running in Santa Monica of 4th street at night and saw a sad homeless man. I was running so I had only my gear, right after I passed the man, I see a quarter on the ground, I picked it up and turned around put it in front of the sleeping man. I know, it’s pathetic, but I feel that it’s such a strange coincidence that I would find exactly what I was thinking of.

On another run, I found a perfectly anonymous, abraded penny,  a cloudy copper slug.

The next I ran, I thought of the awesome copper penny which I dubbed an official lucky penny. Then within a few minutes I found a perfect dime in the middle of the road at night, 3 feet from the bike lane, 2-3 m out into the street. I was amazed, I held it tightly and continued to jog around my routine run. Down Montana, then down to Idaho to avoid drunk people leaving bars and then down to the ocean. I ran along the ocean, down the edge looking over PCH, past where my marathon finished, and then up night coast, I cross Ocean Blvd then up San Vicente all the way home to Montana, past the gold course. While I was running along the side of the road, but in the road, next to or into the bike lane.Looking up the massive electrical cables above I Started to think about electricity and batteries, and the history of batteries and electricity and how the Romans used vinegar and metal plates in jars to construct batteries. I was holding the dime  I’d found, a metal plate. I thought about batteries, I have dozens of kinds of batteries at home. AAA, AA, C, D, 9V, And there, before me in the middle of the road, was a perfect coin cell battery. I reached down and picked it up without hardly breaking a stride. I rubbed the dime and the coin cell battery together, thinking of the secret coincidence I channeled through my will and desire. You may call it petty, but to me, it was either an amazing set of coincidence, the dimensional triangulation of four object and one intersection in space-time within a conjured set of preconditions. It’s so weird. It seems meaningless, but I feel like I conjured or sub-consciously summoned the set of circumstance to line up these things. To be running, thinking about coins on the ground, then I find a dome, then while running, I find a little battery, while I was thinking about batteries.


Thrilling pictures to come.